Get a grip on Competition

MaxSport Competition Tyres

Maxsport has been producing “remanufactured Competition Tyres” for over 20 years and has a network of Dealers covering most of Europe.

Our on-going process of product development ensures that we have a wide range of products to meet the needs of motor sport competitors. We work with a number of leading rubber compound manufacturers to produce a range of compounds that are specifically developed for each tyre category in our range and are able to supply products that are ideally suited to the operating conditions. Recent developments have seen the introduction of our RB5 F3 and the new RB6 range of dry weather tarmac tyres and a new range of drifting tyres.

The class wins achieved on our tyres over many years stand as testament to the performance of our tyres.

Our primary objective is to continue to provide Motor Sport drivers with tyres at affordable prices but without any sacrifice of quality and performance.

All our tyres are “E” Marked and road legal.

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